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"The eBeam interactive board is an amazing product. As a trainer who requires presenting powerpoints and writing for teaching subjects, it is easy to use and very practical. This product is the thing of the future in business presentations".
Adrian A. Medina
Aftersales Senior Trainer
Arabian Automobiles Co. LLC.

"There were several systems available in the market to choose from which can meet my course requirements. The system which we selected was the eBeam Edge system developed by Luidia Company. It is a Windows-based system with easy to install, purpose specific software aimed at creating an interactive whiteboard environment. This system is an interactive whiteboard technology which transformed the standard whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard. It consists of the standard whiteboard, a data projector, a desktop, the eBeam edge transceiver and a stylus pen. The mobile transceiver which transfers the pen movement to the computer is a very light weight device and can be magnetically placed on the side of the white board. The supporting software offers multiple formats, including jpg, pdf, and PowerPoint. It also enabled us to select different colors, different line thickness, and readily available shapes. The sound was also recorded using wireless microphone and was transferred directly into the computer. The sound system was also activated simultaneously when recording is activated which adds more flexibility to the system. The process of system setup and calibration would take around five minutes. Once the lecture is complete, the data was already saved on the hard disk of the computer. There was no need for any further editing or data compression. A 75 minute lecture would require around 30MB. There are many advantages of this system over other systems. We managed to reduce the lecture availability time from two days down to two hours. The quality of the video was excellent because the room ambient light level was irrelevant in this case. The amount of data storage is very reasonable. The main disadvantage of this system was the inability of this system to video record the instructor while lecturing. This is a disadvantage because it deprives the student from learning from the body language of the instructor."
Dr Hasan Al-Nashash
American University Of Sharjah

Mohammed Abdul Saif
System Analyst -IT Dept.
Horizon Private School Abu Dhabi

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We are a spin off company from our sister company Knowledge Hub (www.knowledge-hub.com), and providers of hardware solutions. Based in the UAE we operate in the Middle East through our network of carefully chosen distribution network. Our core competences have been ability to understand future technologies and back up support.

You can count on us for your IT solutions which are unique, and have stood apart in quality and support.

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We are a spin off company from our sister company Knowledge Hub (www.knowledge-hub.com), and providers of hardware solutions. Based in the UAE we operate in...
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