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Digitize Technology IT Solutions for the Business Sector


Digitize Technology offers a variety of IT solutions that are perfect for those in the business sector. Whether it’s working out the logistics of presentations, training solutions, optimizing your current IT systems or keeping up to date with the latest technologies and software, we have a solution for you.





The Genee World range of products that we offer can take your presentations, seminars and board room meetings to a whole new level.  Offered in a variety of sizes, the board cleverly combines the best features of an interactive whiteboard with the option of it also working as a traditional whiteboard using dry-erase markers. The problems with overheated projectors, poor visibility in sunshine and glare are all eliminated with this optimized system. The touch screen has amazing accuracy for all users and optimum performance. There are different sizes of Genee touch available:  from32” to 105”, just choose the one that’s right for your business. The Genee range of boards cost much less than other interactive whiteboards and offer excellent levels of performance without the expensive running costs associated with traditional interactive whiteboards.



We are also developing our range of printing and scanning solutions. Our products will meet the needs of the business sector and will also offer flexibility and ease of use. .


We at Digitize Technology believe that our role doesn’t end once you’ve made your purchase from us. We offer excellent after sales care and support and offer specialized training that focuses on helping you to get the most from the systems you purchased. We are with you every step of the way! We offer first class service and never compromise on quality and customer care.. We have really though of everything and pride ourselves on the level of service and attention we offer.

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